An Eventful Weekend

So beginning with Thursday I’ve had a lot of weird things happen to me.  While walking to the supermarket on the way home from school A friend and I happened upon a man on the stairs seizing covered in blood! the each stair below where he was had huge puddles of blood with an even larger puddle at the landing below the stairs.  This was a moment that will stick with me for a long time.  We were in the middle of a very funny story when we turned the corner and saw this extraordinary thing!  Silence fell suddenly and we quickly moved to the other side of the stairs.  Helping was pointless at this point, we didn;t speak the same language and there was already a large crowd around this man trying to offer some sort of help.  We continued on our way to the store in silence..after a minute we both looked at eacher and i asked, “so do you want to continue your story?”  She eventually did continue telling her story but the image and sounds of this man still clung to all of our senses.  There was something totally different about us for the rest of our trip.  And, when we walked back by the stairs on our way home 30 minutes later everything was cleared….the blood gone and traffice flowing normally.  The world will never know what happened but we will not soon forget.

I also had my ipad stolen yesterday…which was an experience…. It is the very first time I really felt betrayed by the city of Moscow.  I am trying to search for it on the internet using GPS but it hasn’t been connected to the internet since it has been taken.  Now I just know to leave the valuables at home and keep my stuff close and clung tight!

Now the good stuff:

People make out EVERYWHERE!

The zoo, crowded and very loud is one of the most beautiful places in the city. And it is only like four blocks from our dorm.

Burger King is THE BEST! and I bought milk for 98 cents. and sugar for 25 cents.

Going to bed now! Love you all!

Blue Skies!


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