Saying Goodbye

Tonight kicks off the final weekend of NEXT TO NORMAL!  It has been a wild and crazy ride; but the journey has been well worth the destination.  Working with all these talented people for the past month and a half has sparked a pretty crazy fire inside of me.  They have humbled me with their talent and proven what an absolute ensemble process this show, and theatre as a whole is.  I was so nervous to start rehearsals because I felt like I couldn’t possibly live up to the expectations everyone had for me.  I feel, now, that I have lived up to them and learned some important things about myself as an actor.  Thank you all! PS if you haven’t seen this show yet you have four more chances!!!

in nine days I will be starting Orientation for my semester in Moscow!!! I am beyond excited and I cannot wait to share all of my amazing journey with you all.  I just started packing yesterday, and I must say that my suitcase is the most organized suitcase of anyone…ever.  It is sad though that I can practically fit every article of clothing I own in 1 suitcase.  Nope. not sad. I AM A PACKING GOD!  I can’t wait to meet everyone and be there learning from the best teachers of the art of theatre in the world!

I am going to miss everyone so much! I know I haven;t seen a lot of my friends in a very long time but, somehow, the thought of being so much further away makes it worse! To all my friend’s and family: you are missed more than you know!  You mean the world to me!  Without you in my life, shaping who I am, laughing and crying with me, and slapping me when i do something idiotic  I don’t think I’d be as blessed with so many opportunities as I am now.I can’t wait  to have too many margarita’s at El Agave with my glorious Steph(v)ens, to meet all my excellent new brothers, and play the world’s best game…COLLEGE NIGHT! I LOVE YOU!

I haven’t decided whether or not I am going to do a public journal of my time in Russia or just keep it private and just share some highlights.  I don’t know if my ramblings about class and the stresses of my day are already too much for you and it is only bound to get exponentially more dramatic and chaotic.  If you want to see everything let me know…If not, I may even do it anyway…who knows.

Break-a-Leg to the Casts of RENT and THE HEIDI CHRONICLES at UM!!! I am so proud of all you and these productions are going to be AMAZING! I wish I cold be there to be a part of it all!  Keep being fantastic!

Blue Skies,



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