Preview of LIFE!

So tonight was our first, and only, preview before we open tomorrow!  It felt so great to have an audience at last experience the same things we have this past month in rehearsals.  Everyone in this show is so connected to what they do!  It is amazing just to sit back and watch my fellow actors work their magic! Trust me, it is magic.  After the run tonight there was an audience member moved to tears.  With a show like this and its emotional content tears aren’t surprising.  But, these tears didn’t stop.  She kept crying.  The whole time I just wanted to give her a hug and tell her it was okay.  I didn’t know her story but I can only imagine the ways she connected with the story.  My heart was breaking.  Theatre, as an art form, can quite literally be therapy.  If an audience member or actor feels something so strongly and it is very hard to put in to words how they feel, going to the theater can be a great way to work through these emotions. Even though it is fiction and all make believe there is a certain element of understanding and realness that happens.  Watching events unfold and seeing how someone, even a fictional someone, deals with them can be very enlightening and helpful to a person struggling to put words to their thoughts.

I am so ready for the real adventure to start.  To officially open this show and just put it out there for our community to see!  I hope everyone takes something valuable away from this very captivating piece of literature and music.  Break-A-Leg to the cast, crew and band! you are all fan-freaking-tastic! AND I can’t wait for more Drop Dead Gorgeous quotes tomorrow!  ” I chose Mount Rushmore. ‘Cause to live in a country where you can take an ugly old mountain and put faces on it, faces of great Americans who did so much to make our country super great. Well, that makes me Rebecca Leeman, proud to be an American. ”

I leave for Russia in 3 weeks and 2 days! 23 DAYS! I am so excited!  I’ve already started packing and sorting and unpacking and repacking!  It is tough to decide what is important enough to take and keep it all in the weight requirement! How many different outfits do I pack? do I take 9 pairs of shoes..or should I leave room for other stuff??  I decided..with the help of my packing guru “THE INTERNET” I would pack all undershirts, underwear and socks knowing full well that I am going to throw most of them away for the return journey-just in case I bring souvenirs home..PS I’m gonna bring souvenirs home.

I’m finishing up my reading, trying to buy all the dance wear and school supplies that I’ll need!  We’ve also been informed to learn the Cyrillic Alphabet by the time we arrive… Well, guess what!? The Cyrillic Alphabet is HARD! whoever tells you otherwise is a liar! they are lying to you!  I’ve been trying to teach myself all summer the names and sounds of the symbols and it is just not going my way. Curse you St. Cyril for spreading Christianity to the Slovak nations and making it a point to create a new form of communication! CURSE YOU!


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