A little Insomnia never hurt anyone

Next to Normal rehearsal has been really tough for me lately. I find myself wanting to explore various avenues of discovery but never knowing how to take the first step. Today, though, our wonderful director had us speak the lyrics of an act 2 song. With a few hiccoughs, and a slight sense of trepidation I gave myself over to the words and really heard what I was saying. And then we sang it. While, still, not being perfect or polished there was real feeling and real emotions happening. On the way home and for 20 minutes just in my driveway I kept speaking and singing the words of that song and now I just can’t wait to sing it more and perform the rest of this crazy show with this crazy cast. UGH, what an experience.

On the Russian front. I am trying to make my way through this reading list. I’m finishing THE INSPECTOR GENERAL. And moving on to Chekhov. Every time I think about being in Moscow, studying theatre I think, nahhhh…that’s not me. But it is. And it’s crazy. I know this experience is going to change me..hopefully for the better and I cannot wait.

Ps, I now have a hermit crab named Trudy..she’s feisty. And I think my cat can teleport. I swear I saw him in the front yard and then turned around and saw him on the couch in the living room. Also, who knew Reubens tasted good on raisin bread??? The Belgians…that’s who. Also again, I’ve had two whole days without Olympics coverage and I’m more than a little depressed. I NEED TO SEE BOB COSTAS MAKE STUPID COMMENTS! AND CRAZY PARENTS IN THE STANDS. How am I supposed to survive without them. Last also, THE IRON LADY was just a mess…

Please be kind. Rewind.


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