Thinking I’m in over my head

This week we finished staging Next to Normal. When I’m standing in rehearsal I think to myself how did I get here? the people in this cast are just so good, I feel on a completely different, and lower, level than these guys. But, each day I get a little more comfortable in my skin, and in the singing and blocking. Everyone is very easy to work with and accepting of the challenges that everyone has which makes it an amazing environment to grow and evolve. I hope all of you get to see this show. It opens the second to last week of August and runs until Sept. 9th.

As the date for my trip to Russia draws closer I can’t help the dread from creeping up on me. I’m already thinking about forgetting to pack something, about getting completely lost in a foreign country, and about how I’ll prepared I think I am. Sometimes I find myself wondering how the hell I got picked to go on this trip. I don’t know how but I am excited and I will definitely learn so much about myself and theatre that all this worrying and money will be worth it.

I want to thank everyone who helped me apply and prepare for this trip. My Family, Patrick and professors; especially Dr. Callaghan and Tammy Killian. Marietta for understanding all my worries and being three to talk and always forgiving of me for being all over the place. And everyone who donated to my fundraising campaign on fundme.

I’m posting the link to my fundraising website on here. I know that times are hard and this link has been all over my Facebook but every little bit helps. The university has helped fund a great portion of this trip but I am still left with having to come up with around 15,000 dollars on my own. Please consider donating , if you wish I will give you a receipt to make it tax deductible. If you do decide to donate please know that I am so grateful for your support and you’re contributing to a great advancement in my education and career.

Stay tuned for N2N pics and some other stuff.

This week’s play is The seagull by Anton Chekhov



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